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Summer Reading: Coronavirus shutdowns heighten SEL, trauma-informed ed needs

July 29, 2020

Via: Education Dive

As some districts plan to welcome students back to buildings on full or limited schedules in the coming weeks, many are weighing the additional supports students will need upon their return. Alongside expected learning loss, many will also require extra […]

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10 postsecondary student readiness questions to consider amid coronavirus

July 20, 2020

Via: Education Dive

Education has been deeply disrupted. Maintaining teaching and learning continuity amid a pandemic that closed nearly all school doors has been challenging for every education stakeholder. And, unfortunately, what appears to be certain is continued uncertainty. However, our nation’s students […]

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Revisiting Blended Learning Principles, With School Plans in Limbo

July 20, 2020

Via: Ed Surge

This fall, some school buildings may be open again, but things won’t be back to normal. In all likelihood, students will have to come to campuses part-time in shifts, which creates a whole host of challenges for schools as they […]

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Study: More than half of students lost 39% of year’s learning over summer

July 10, 2020

Via: Education Dive

During the coronavirus pandemic, summer learning programs will be especially important. With many students sidelined from traditional academics for nearly six months, experts are expecting significant learning shortfalls when students return to their studies this fall. This is especially true […]

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Amid coronavirus, educators learn to differentiate, add choice with tech

July 8, 2020

Via: Education Dive

Rachel Williams is not sure how her classroom will look this fall, but she knows one thing that will continue — her use of video. She started filming short clips as students transitioned to learning from home as a way […]

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Survey: Students relatively positive on distance learning, but obstacles remain

July 7, 2020

Via: Education Dive

“There is a critical opportunity now to listen to and learn from students’ lived experiences during this unprecedented time,” YouthTruth Executive Director Jen Wilka said in a press release. “As we navigate the challenges ahead and adapt to new learning […]

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International students should not be in remote learning environments

July 7, 2020

Via: Inside Higher Ed

The article “International Students Banned From Online-Only Instruction” took the tone that government action to follow existing rules was something new and puts further hardship on universities struggling to come up with ways to keep students safe. A more balanced […]

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How to make remote learning easily accessible

July 2, 2020

Via: eSchool News

When school starts again in the fall, it’s likely that a significant number of students will still be learning remotely. To make classrooms less crowded and prevent the spread of the coronavirus, many states and districts are considering a hybrid […]

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Pandemic Parenting Was Already Relentless. Then Came Summer.

June 26, 2020

Via: NY Times

American parents spend more time and money on their children than ever — and that was before the pandemic. Now, with remote school ending for the summer and a far-from-normal fall expected, parenting is becoming only more demanding. It’s not […]

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3 superintendents share remote learning, back-to-school prep strategies

June 25, 2020

Via: Education Dive

Starting in March, teachers and students across the U.S. experienced a sudden shift to remote learning. In crises like this, people normally go through seven emotional stages: Shock. Denial. Bargaining. Anger/anxiety. Depression/sadness. Solution seeking. Acceptance. Not surprisingly, many students and […]