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Educational Stages, Secondary Education

When it comes to learning loss, don’t reinvent the wheel

January 14, 2022

Via: eSchool News

As we head towards the last half of our second school year in a pandemic, there is no doubt that the impact of learning loss has exceeded all predictions. As reported by McKinsey, students are behind an average of four […]

Education Tech

Creating classroom community in a digital space

January 13, 2022

Via: eSchool News

One of my favorite parts of being an educator is the sense of community that is created with each new class of students. Fostering that feeling in person has its challenges of course, but is a bit easier to administer […]

Economics&Strategies, Education Strategies

Redesigning education for post-pandemic success

January 5, 2022

Via: eSchool News

COVID-19 arguably produced the biggest shift in education since the invention of the printing press. Nearly overnight, teaching and learning moved from classrooms to online environments. School systems invested thousands of dollars in Chromebooks, Wi-Fi hotspots, and other technologies. Educators […]

Educational Stages, Higher Education

How did college students actually perform during COVID?

December 29, 2021

Via: eCampus News

As the fall 2020 semester wraps up, we wanted to know more about the student experience of learning during COVID-19. We asked more than 14,000 college students from across the country about how pandemic-related changes to education affected their academic […]

Educational Stages, Higher Education

Students reflect on starting college during a pandemic

December 20, 2021

Via: Inside Higher Ed

“No one said college was easy, especially living in a pandemic where hugs are a weapon and a mask is the difference between life and death. I hate it. I hate that there was a possibility of this never occurring. […]

Educational Stages, Secondary Education

California Educators Urge Common Ground in Civics Education

December 9, 2021

Via: Education Next

Self-governance is hard. The founders thought each generation would need to attach to democratic principles and practices for the republic to survive. Expanded K-12 education became the major vehicle for promulgating democratic sentiments and civic engagement. Unfortunately, civic education has […]

Education Tech

5 reasons we greatly value our online literacy platform

December 8, 2021

Via: eSchool News

With 640 students in grades K-4, our Mississippi elementary school serves a diverse population. In 2020, we were at a point with the third-grade reading test where we weren’t as prepared as we should have been. We knew we had […]

Education Tech

3 ways you can use digital tools to boost student motivation

December 3, 2021

Via: eSchool News

Many educators navigating the use of technology for learning have seen this scenario come to life in the classroom: you give your students an online assignment and a few minutes into it you start the exhausting routine of trying to […]

Educational Stages, Secondary Education

4 ways online tutoring helps our at-risk, low-income district achieve goals

November 30, 2021

Via: eSchool News

Our urban Title I district serves a population of 78 percent at-risk students and 84 percent low-income families. We were already managing low proficiency rates on math and ELA state assessments prior to the pandemic, and the move to remote […]

Educational Stages, Preschool and Primary

Analysis: Pre-K enrollment rose prior to pandemic

November 29, 2021

Via: K-12 Dive

Spending on preschool programs surpassed $9 billion for the first time in 2019-20 across 44 states that funded preschool and Washington, D.C., according to a separate report by the National Institute for Early Education Research. Leading up to this time […]