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School breaks are being used for credit recovery

September 28, 2018

Via: Education Dive

Credit recovery programs are designed to help address the high school dropout rate. The issue is considered a societal one because high school dropouts earn an average of $9,200 less per year than high school graduates and are more likely […]


Can virtual learning change education as we know it?

September 25, 2018

Via: Kelly Redmond

The common use of digital technology has changed entire sectors of the American society. Companies like Google, Apple and Amazon have revolutionized the way people work, talk and shop. Online and social media platforms have provided billions of people worldwide […]

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Introducing career experts to students can inspire them

September 5, 2018

Via: Education Dive

Having students hear from real-world professionals can give them a chance to see how their education may impact their lives after school. Children get more than just excited when parents come to Career Day; they also see what they could […]


Arizona court strikes Invest in Ed initiative from November ballot

August 31, 2018

Via: Education Dive

After a teacher walkout in Arizona in the spring, mirroring similar moves in other states, hopes were high that the new revenue stream generated by the Invest in Ed initiative would alleviate low teacher salaries and underfunded classrooms. A poll […]


Low-income schools try to beat absenteeism by installing laundry facilities

August 23, 2018

Via: Education Dive

Strategies for improving outcomes for students are often not directly related to their education. School leaders are seeking to support the whole student, and address all the reasons for a lack of success, even those that originate off of school […]


North Carolina leads the way in education research

August 22, 2018

Via: Education Dive

Education today is largely “data-driven.” Students are subjected to tests, and increasingly surveys, on a continual basis so that teachers and school leaders can use that data to make informed decisions about methods, policies, and individual student needs. While the […]


4 reasons why some children have difficulty learning to read

August 20, 2018

Via: eSchool News

According to Hill for Literacy, about 66 percent of fourth-grade readers cannot read proficiently, which often translates into a growing achievement gap for these children. Why is reading such a difficult task to learn and teach? While humans are born […]


Many students don’t feel career-ready

August 14, 2018

Via: Education Dive

Education is of limited value if students are not prepared for the demands of the future and if employers don’t have access to the skilled workers they need. More states are recognizing that the needs of the business community and […]

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Study: Lack of resources breeds high teacher stress levels detrimental to student achievement

June 25, 2018

Via: Education Dive

Education can easily feel like a thankless job, and as eSchool News points out, the proportion of teachers with “high-level stress” is as high as 93%. And with active learning models that have come with the influx of technology in […]

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Report identifies SEL barriers students face, strategies to overcome them

June 22, 2018

Via: Education Dive

Equity issues still plague many aspects of education. A recent study found that racial and economic segregation remain largely unchanged at many schools, despite attempts at voluntary integration. Another recent report by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights suggested that […]