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Study: More than half of students lost 39% of year’s learning over summer

July 10, 2020

Via: Education Dive

During the coronavirus pandemic, summer learning programs will be especially important. With many students sidelined from traditional academics for nearly six months, experts are expecting significant learning shortfalls when students return to their studies this fall. This is especially true […]

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Trump threatens to withhold funds if schools don’t reopen

July 9, 2020

Via: Education Dive

The heavy pressure from the Trump administration for schools to fully reopen nationwide notably runs counter to the traditional Republican stance favoring local control of school decisions, as well as guidance from Dr. Anthony Fauci, who directs the National Institute […]

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Amid coronavirus, educators learn to differentiate, add choice with tech

July 8, 2020

Via: Education Dive

Rachel Williams is not sure how her classroom will look this fall, but she knows one thing that will continue — her use of video. She started filming short clips as students transitioned to learning from home as a way […]

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Students may need extra social-emotional support when they return to the classroom

July 7, 2020

Via: Education Dive

Re-acclimating students to the classroom will likely be challenging, both from the social-emotional angle and from an academic standpoint. Since schools closed in spring due to the coronavirus pandemic, an economic crisis and civil unrest have also occurred. How students […]

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How to make remote learning easily accessible

July 2, 2020

Via: eSchool News

When school starts again in the fall, it’s likely that a significant number of students will still be learning remotely. To make classrooms less crowded and prevent the spread of the coronavirus, many states and districts are considering a hybrid […]

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Pandemic Parenting Was Already Relentless. Then Came Summer.

June 26, 2020

Via: NY Times

American parents spend more time and money on their children than ever — and that was before the pandemic. Now, with remote school ending for the summer and a far-from-normal fall expected, parenting is becoming only more demanding. It’s not […]

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As states cut budgets, racial funding gaps between districts could widen

June 23, 2020

Via: Education Dive

In a House Education and Labor Committee hearing Monday, lawmakers predicted the ongoing coronavirus pandemic could widen racial funding gaps between wealthy and low-income public school districts. Reports cited by committee members suggest public schools already have a $23 billion […]

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Study finds racial, gender gaps in principal hiring

June 16, 2020

Via: Education Dive

The findings add to the ongoing discussion over how to diversify the education field as the nation’s student population becomes less white. Multiple studies have also shown benefits for students of color when they attend schools with educators of the […]

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Report calls for increased civics focus with hands-on learning

June 12, 2020

Via: Education Dive

The report also mentions a lack of national standards for civics education as an issue. Instead, it points to recent legislation in Florida, Massachusetts, Colorado, Illinois and Arizona as “reinvigorating” civics curricula to include core civic knowledge with hands-on experiences. […]

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Some schools open for in-person summer instruction, but with added expenses

June 8, 2020

Via: Education Dive

According to a recent cost analysis by AASA, The School Superintendents Association, reopening schools could take an average district nearly $1.8 million in unbudgeted expenses. The report suggests, in some cases, school districts can expect to spend an additional $490 […]