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The Future (Revisted) of Online Education

January 9, 2020

Via: Inside Higher Ed

Given the demands on students’ time and the pressure to increase credit accumulation, online education will certainly play a growing role in undergraduate as well as graduate and professional education. Many of those classes will offer a pale imitation of […]

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ASD Nest program builds SEL for autistic students, peers

January 3, 2020

Via: Education Dive

Studies indicate including students on the autism spectrum in regular classrooms can help encourage the development of communication, language and basic social skills. Also, integrating these learners can have multiple benefits for their peers, who gain leadership experience and compassion, […]

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Distance learning enrollment inches upward, report finds

December 12, 2019

Via: Education Dive

Online learning has exploded at traditional two- and four-year institutions. The latter group has tried to add more of these types of courses to attract adult learners and other nontraditional students, and to position themselves to fare better during an […]

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Illinois bans use of isolated seclusion in school discipline

November 21, 2019

Via: Education Dive

The debate over the use of physical restraint and seclusion in schools flared up earlier this month when three staff members at Guiding Hands private alternative school in El Dorado, California, were charged in the 2018 death of a student […]

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Dyslexia focus produces results for a Colorado public school

October 30, 2019

Via: Education Dive

Dyslexia is estimated to impact between 5-10% of the population, and serving students with the disorder a struggle for all schools. But as the ALLIES program demonstrates, methods like splitting students into smaller groups and teaching them the rules on […]

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Supporting the whole learner with day one access at scale

October 28, 2019

Via: Education Dive

Whenever he’s on the graduation stage handing diplomas to students who have overcome great odds, Warren County Community College President William Austin realizes the payoff that can come from making the transformation to digital learning. The leader of the northwestern […]

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Fostering independence in students with visual impairments

October 23, 2019

Via: eSchool News

Technological innovation provides students with visual impairments new tools to support independent living. The significant rise in the sophistication and popularity of smartphones and tablets creates opportunities to enhance learning and increase access. It is important for educators working with […]

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4 ways online learning can lead to educational equity

September 13, 2019

Via: eSchool News

Until all students are treated equally and given access to similar educational resources, we have little chance of achieving equality in K-12 schools. Ultimately, students must have the tools and resources they need not only to graduate, but to be […]

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What One Professor Learned From an Informal Teaching Experiment

August 22, 2019

Via: The Chronicle of Higher Education

Dom Caristi has always tweaked his courses. Usually, that’s meant tinkering here and there, perhaps by adding a few low-stakes quizzes or reducing the number of exams. In the spring, he was presented with an opportunity through what he called […]

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Helping All Learners Achieve Success on Their Own Terms

August 12, 2019

Via: Ed Surge

An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) attempts to not only identify areas of challenge for a student—fine motor skills, language development, reading and comprehension, written and verbal language skills, social interaction, etc.—but to also put a mechanism in place to address […]