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States ease graduation requirements as coronavirus closures extend

March 31, 2020

Via: Education Dive

The coronavirus pandemic has shuttered school buildings across the nation at unprecedented speed, with nearly all states closed through April and a handful extending closures through the end of the academic year. For high schools, the rapidly changing situation has […]


National Dropout Prevention Center Offers Resources

March 24, 2020

Via: eSchool News

School closures are traumatizing students, families, and educators, presenting a new dropout risk factor and requiring schools to develop immediate virtual solutions. The National Dropout Prevention Center (NDPC) has produced topical videos and virtual professional development to support schools and […]

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Addressing the challenges of supercomputing in higher ed

March 11, 2020

Via: eCampus News

In 1964, the Control Data Corporation delivered a mainframe computer, the CDC 6600, to the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory in California for high energy nuclear physics research. The CDC 6600 was the world’s fastest computer at the time, firing the metaphorical […]

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Study: Social studies teachers not ‘above the fray’ in removing bias from media literacy

March 6, 2020

Via: Education Dive

The survey drew from 1,065 high school social studies teachers in Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, New York and Texas. Fox News, The New York Times and CNN were the three news outlets teachers on opposite sides of the political spectrum […]

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Universities’ role in race to develop vaccine for the coronavirus

March 4, 2020

Via: Inside Higher Ed

Universities across the country are part of the urgent effort to research the virus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes, COVID-19, together colloquially called the coronavirus. Globally, the virus has infected over 90,000 people and resulted in over 3,000 deaths, […]

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How Innovations in Voice Technology Are Reshaping Education

March 3, 2020

Via: Ed Surge

We are just getting started with voice technology in education. From simple commands that retrieve stored information to a future where voice-activated AI coaches help us set and reach educational goals across a lifetime, the potential for growth is undeniable. […]

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4 Keys To Designing A Project-Based Learning Classroom

February 27, 2020

Via: TeachThought

Traditional American classrooms tend to fit a particular mold: Students face the front of the class where teachers lecture. Students take notes, finish assignments at home, and hope to memorize enough information just long enough to pass a test. Engagement […]

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Report: High-poverty schools’ crowdfunding requests less likely to be fulfilled

February 11, 2020

Via: Education Dive

Educators are turning to crowdfunding for basic academic materials across the nation at a time when education philanthropies are shifting away from that kind of support. More teachers are also resorting to online fundraising to support whole-child approaches, with requests […]

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Cal State Delays Possible New Math Requirement

January 31, 2020

Via: Inside Higher Ed

The California State University Board of Trustees voted Wednesday to delay until 2022 the possible implementation of a requirement that applicants to the massive public university system take a fourth year of quantitative reasoning in high school, the Los Angeles […]

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New rules limit states’ oversight of online colleges. How will they react?

January 30, 2020

Via: Education Dive

State attorneys general were left out when the U.S. Department of Education rewrote its state authorization rules for distance education. The department “didn’t feel attorneys general had a strong role to play in the potential regulations compared with other groups […]