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Why e-learning requires Wi-Fi optimization

February 16, 2022

Via: eSchool News

Schools are officially in the age of technological learning. There are 1:1 programs, hybrid classrooms, free online learning platforms, eLearning applications and assessments, video collaborations, and the expectation of more to come with developments in augmented and virtual reality technologies. […]

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How an inquiry-based approach can support teachers in return to school

September 13, 2021

Via: K-12 Dive

In the return to full-time, in-person learning, a lot of emphasis has been placed on the need to provide students additional social-emotional support, but many educators will also need that support. A March survey of California educators by the Inverness […]

Education Tech

Can We Design Online Learning Platforms That Feel More Intimate Than Massive?

July 9, 2018

Via: Ed Surge

Teachers spend hours designing and setting up their classrooms. They arrange cozy reading nooks and construct colorful bulletin boards. They know that when it comes to learning and productivity, space matters. One of EdSurge’s most popular articles described how a […]