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3 ways to meet students’ emotional needs

May 27, 2021

Via: eSchool News

The 2020-21 school year brought a lot of new students to online school who otherwise may not have even tried it. Many families were unsure of how their local districts would handle new guidelines brought by COVID-19, and others felt […]

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A Shockingly Simple Way to Improve Online School

January 27, 2021

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When Nettie Johnson fired up her first online class for her fifth graders in Topeka, Kansas last March, she knew they were flying by the seat of their pants. She had her laptop and Wi-Fi “but it was really difficult […]

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Online School Enriches Affiliated Companies if Not Its Students

August 19, 2016

Via: NY Times

The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, an online charter school based here, graduated 2,371 students last spring. At the commencement ceremony, a student speaker triumphantly told her classmates that the group was “the single-largest graduating high school class in the nation.” […]