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More states pass bills restricting transgender students on sports teams

June 1, 2022

Via: K-12 Dive

The current success of anti-transgender legislation comes as the U.S. Department of Education continues to postpone the release of new draft Title IX regulations, which are expected to include protections for LGBTQ students. After originally moving up its proposed regulations […]

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New Education Policy Roadmap Aims to Ensure High School Graduates in Every State are ‘Future-Ready’

May 9, 2022

Via: eSchool News

Parents and educators agree that a key goal of K-12 education is to ensure that students are “future-ready”—with the knowledge, skills, and drive to navigate their careers and lives. Americans look to the education system to equip young people to […]

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Report on Accountability and Higher Ed’s ‘Triad’

November 19, 2019

Via: Inside Higher Ed

A new report from New America recommends a wide range of changes to higher education’s regulatory triad, the three primary types of regulators for the industry: accreditors, state agencies and the U.S. Department of Education. These regulatory bodies are failing […]


Roundup: Curriculum in state education policy

March 6, 2019

Via: Education Dive

During the past few weeks, legislators in multiple states have proposed and debated curriculum-related measures. Here’s a list of the most notable bills, listed by topic, along with their most recent updates: Sex education A Utah bill that would clarify […]


Is it time to remake middle school?

February 11, 2019

Via: Education Dive

Between ensuring more young children have school readiness skills and raising high school graduation rates, the middle school years are often overlooked in the push to improve education policy and practices. Nancy L. Deutsch, who directs Youth-Nex at the University […]

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AASA’s Ellerson Ng: Education policy cannot be a zero-sum game

January 3, 2019

Via: Education Dive

2018 was a big year for education policy. The midterm elections brought a new wave of educators into public office, all states’ ESSA accountability systems were approved, a federal school safety commission formed and released its final recommendations, and Sen. […]


Education policy check-up: 7 things to know

April 11, 2017

Via: eSchool News

It’s a busy–and tumultuous–time in Washington. With daily developments in the U.S. Education Department, it’s often difficult to keep pace with new education policy recommendations, staff updates, and news. We’re here to help. Here are 7 developments, discussions, and education policy […]