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Students Favor Free College, Oppose Admissions Preferences

July 20, 2021

Via: Inside Higher Ed

Politicians often purport to represent the interests of students when they propose education policies. So do college leaders and associations when they take stands in response. But do they truly know what students want and need? Perhaps not. Pervasive paternalism […]


What Biden presidency could bring for higher education

November 9, 2020

Via: Inside Higher Ed

Joe Biden’s apparent election as president could pave the way for a dramatic shift in higher education policies, possibly making tuition free for many seeking a college education and wiping away the debt of millions of people paying back student […]

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How will the Every Student Succeeds Act affect school choice?

December 16, 2015

Via: The Center for Education Reform

School choice is typically a state issue. When Congress debated long-overdue reforms to No Child Left Behind this year, school choice was not the main focus, or even a secondary focus. A few amendments came up that would have allowed […]