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Pandemic Lockdowns of 2020 Revealed the Biggest Challenge for Upstart Education Efforts: Time

As we close out 2020, we the people are tired. Essential workers, healthcare heroes and frontline warriors have been bearing the brunt of the impact on our education and hospital systems, as well as businesses and organizations, both private and public. Non-essential workers are tired from zoom fatigue, quarantine orders, the election and justice-seeking. A crevasse divides red from blue, and we are tapped out of empathy for the other side.

Working parents are exhausted from having to blur the lines between caregiving and work—juggling both at once … 24/7. Even before the pandemic, as many as 73 percent of employees reported having some type of caregiving responsibility that could take up anywhere from 24 to 40 hours of their week. Now we’re doing both simultaneously.

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