Report: Successful personalized learning uses innovative staffing

Report: Successful personalized learning uses innovative staffing

Dive Brief:

Teacher leaders, collaborating teachers who work in teams, and support staff members who tutor and mentor students are a few of the new educator roles emerging in schools that are seeing student success with blended and personalized learning models, according to a report released today by Clayton Christensen Institute and Public Impact.

The report, “Innovative Staffing to Personalize Learning,” draws on profiles of eight schools and school networks to identify some of the staffing practices they are using as part of their shift to personalized learning. Even in the era of personalized learning, the authors say that most schools using that approach have maintained a “one-teacher, one-classroom model where teachers work largely alone.”

These schools, however, feature “intensive collaboration” among teachers on small teams, ongoing coaching that might even include daily observations, and paid fellowships and residencies.

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