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Are Essay Writing Services the Best Choice for Students?

November 18, 2019


Students worldwide struggle with writing, not only because it’s a complicated process on its own, but also because essay writing in college demands a lot of research time and effort. While writing may be a spontaneous creative process, essay writing in college means students will have to follow the rules, document their work, and write on subjects they are not particularly fond of. Online writing services might soon make college writing a thing of the past, but is this really good news?

Writing an essay is no easy job, especially for a student who is probably juggling with assignments and a part-time job to pay for his or her expenses. Even an established writer can experience a mental block, let alone a student with little time on his hands and poor writing skills. It comes as no surprise, then, that online writing services provide students worldwide with all they need to move forward with their education. While choosing this type of service might seem like the best solution, students should also understand that essay writing is not only manageable but also an important skill for future endeavors.

What Is an Online Writing Service?

As custom writing consumes more and more time, students quickly discovered that a new digital solution is just a click away. Online writing service providers are websites designed to provide students with all the documents they need at reasonable rates, based on their deadlines. One of the main benefits that online essay writing services provide, is the quality of their written essays. After all, students invest in these services because they expect to receive well-researched essays that will help them improve their grades without spending too much time and effort.

Online writing services come with numerous benefits, as many of them guarantee plagiarism-free content, privacy, different quotation styles, editing, and proofreading. Choosing this type of service also means that the student does not have to worry about meeting tight deadlines. As time is now one of our most valuable resources, students may discover that getting their papers handed in on time without investing in research and writing is more than enough. If the company that sells the service also provides native English-speaking writers with good writing skills, proper use of grammar, knowledge, and experience, this solution may be considered by many a recipe for success.

The Writing on the Wall

Essay writing might put students up the creek without a paddle, but does that really mean that an online writing service is the best solution for them? As writing has proved to be an indispensable job skill, many disagree. Experts say that writing is actually the most important ability in business, as it prepares the ground for good communication skills and cultivates students’ ability to unfold, refine and express their ideas to others. Writing may also help students develop better social skills, and anticipate the needs of others, starting with their readers.

Even in the digital age, words are everything and content is king. To have good writing skills actually means to express good ideas that follow a logical path while also leaving room for emotions. This gives meaning to life and human relationships. And because people have an inherent need to transmit meaningful information to each other, strong communication is what actually keeps most of the world moving. Writing an essay will help students further their research, organize their thoughts, and learn to express them in a meaningful way. It will also help them understand others, as any essay is open for feedback and debate.

What About Stress?

Even though students everywhere choose online writing services in order to save time and effort, those who expect to also avoid stress and anxiety by not writing their own papers will be in for a surprise. Writing can actually relieve stress. Studies show that even patients with PTSD made significant improvements in mood and post-traumatic growth after engaging in expressive writing. Writing about our ideas, thoughts, and feelings is not just a way of communicating with others, but also a means of understanding ourselves.

Writing helps us store our ideas and memories, allows us to know ourselves, communicate with others and captivate our audience. While students may prefer online services to real essay writing, the truth is that most jobs call for this skill in one form or another.