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Higher Education in the News

September 7, 2023

Via: Inside Higher Ed

Did you know that 37 percent of the Harvard Class of 2025 attended private schools or that the figure at Princeton was 40 percent, at Brown, 41 percent, and at Dartmouth, 44 percent? Note: Those figures don’t include the 10 […]

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Report: State lawmakers shifting support to school choice, flexible learning options

February 2, 2022

Via: K-12 Dive

In the third academic year impacted by COVID-19, lawmakers are exploring options for school choice and new educational opportunities at a faster rate than before as they respond to a massive shift in how parents are thinking about education choices […]

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The Kind of School Reform That Parents Actually Want

October 28, 2021

Via: Education Next

School debates today feature what seems to be a paradox: Americans report exhaustion with school reform of pretty much every stripe, even as huge numbers of parents voice an appetite for novel options such as private school choice, home schooling, […]

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Using comics across the curriculum

March 25, 2021

Via: eSchool News

These days, we’re all pretty accustomed to seeing Marvel dominate the box office. But when I tell people that comics also dominate my classroom, they’re often taken a little aback–especially if they know I teach geography. Comics are a fantastic […]

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High Court Case Tests Religious Schools’ Use of Tax-Credit Scholarships

October 1, 2019

Via: Education Week

A national debate that has simmered for 200 years—whether public funds may go to the coffers of religious schools—is set to take center stage at the U.S. Supreme Court in a case that originated in this small Montana city over […]