4 Benefits Of Teaching Writing With Online Tools

July 5, 2017

Using online tools to support writing instruction can have significant benefits for both students and teachers. Online writing tools that provide automated feedback give students more opportunities to practice their writing, without placing an additional burden on already over-stressed teachers—and […]

Can public schools win in an age of school choice? Yes—and here’s how

June 6, 2017

Category: News

Public schools must ensure continued success in order to compete for students against charter schools, online learning, and other forms of education. Dissatisfied students, parents, and even staff leave schools that need to work harder than ever to regain the […]

Partnerships between schools and community organizations promote reading success

May 9, 2017

At Victor H. Hexter Elementary School in Dallas, TX, “we put all of our money into technology and the classroom libraries,” said Principal Jennifer Jackson, who focuses heavily on literacy throughout the school’s curriculum. And classroom libraries are robust. Each […]


Sweeping education bill expands Florida charters

August 18, 2017

Via: AFT News

Florida Gov. Rick Scott on June 15 signed a sweeping education bill that offers more money to charter schools, expands a teacher bonus program and eases some testing requirements. Critics already are promising changes to the 278-page bill, a collection […]

Educational Stages, Higher Education

Strategies for disabled learners are effective for everyone

August 17, 2017

Via: Education Dive

Realizing that the needs of students with learning disabilities do not deviate wholly from the needs of all students is the first step in ensuring equity at all levels of education. Rather than “othering” students with learning challenges, finding ways […]

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Financial woes continue to plague colleges of all sizes

August 17, 2017

Via: Education Dive

There are numerous potential options for school leaders to consider in the face of growing deficits and declining enrollment. Many small universities are reconsidering their mission to expand the number of potential enrollees. Small, selective colleges with sterling reputations may […]