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How US can model top-performing international ed systems

April 24, 2019

Via: Education Dive

Expecting 10th-graders to have the knowledge and skills that would allow them to succeed in the first year of community college, demanding more of university teacher preparation programs and pairing struggling schools with high-performing ones are among the lessons U.S. […]

Education Tech

Will robots replace teachers in the future?

November 15, 2018

Via: Education Dive

As the age of AI approaches, the question of whether robots can replace teachers looms larger. Anthony Seldon, vice chancellor of the University of Buckingham, predicts that robots will replace teachers by 2027, less than a decade away. Some say […]

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Grading practices are often biased toward more affluent students, report says

October 11, 2018

Via: Education Dive

Feldman’s report comes as other experts are calling attention to whether the grades students receive for quizzes, homework and other daily assignments are accurate reflections of their knowledge and skills and based on the standards they are expected to master. […]

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Why Your Students Don’t Remember What You Teach

December 21, 2015

Via: TeachThought

A decent question: Why don’t your students remember what you’ve taught? A better question: Why don’t they understand what you’ve taught? A better question still: Why don’t students understand and use what they’ve been taught to create a better world? […]