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Graduates Face Most Promising Job Market Since 2008

November 2, 2021

Via: Inside Higher Ed

New college graduates face the rosiest job market since the 2008 recession, according to the latest annual recruiting trends survey by Michigan State University’s Collegiate Employment Research Institute. Employers who cut back on recruiting during the COVID-19 pandemic are now […]

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A Crash Course in Career Development

August 26, 2021

Via: Inside Higher Ed

It was 2011, and I had become sure I didn’t want a tenure-track job. I started my Ph.D. in the throes of the 2008 recession, and the tanking job market meant there were few postings in my minuscule subfield. But […]

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How to Help Low-Income Students Hold Their Own on the Job Market

January 29, 2020

Via: The Chronicle of Higher Education

Imagine you’re a college student trying to network for a first job or an internship when you don’t know a single person in the field you’re interested in, or even that “networking” is a thing that other students regularly do […]

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How can educators improve students chances of job market success?

May 30, 2019

Via: Education Dive

The new Credentials Matter research verifies what we had long suspected: states need to more effectively align the credentials high school students earn with local labor markets. Credentials Matter shows that many of the hundreds of thousands of credentials U.S. […]