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Online education’s reputation jumps, survey says

July 26, 2022

Via: Higher Ed Dive

New America has been collecting data for its Varying Degrees survey for six years. That covers a period of significant change in the U.S., including divisive election cycles, the coronavirus pandemic, a reckoning with racism spurred by the police killing […]

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Five ways online learning benefited some students

July 14, 2022

Via: Inside Higher Ed

“Being back on campus is really, really good in some ways, but in some ways, it’s harder.” That statement, from one of my former students, stuck with me. It was the first day of fall classes in 2020, and Denison […]


AFT affiliates give Houston educators what they need: A voice

December 3, 2020

Via: AFT News

Houston educators voted overwhelmingly to make the Houston Federation of Teachers and the Houston Educational Support Personnel their exclusive representatives in formal consultation with school administrators on workplace policies and other matters. More than 93 percent of teachers and in-school […]


How are our teachers faring during the pandemic?

November 23, 2020

Via: eSchool News

Imagine you’ve got a business, housed in the basement of a single building. A tremendous storm sweeps in, and the basement floods—standing water, four inches deep, Forbes reports. Some workers are asked to stay at their station, working ankle deep […]

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Trump administration rescinds policy barring foreign students from online classes

July 14, 2020

Via: Education Dive

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) unveiled the directive earlier this month — a move widely seen as a way to pressure administrators to reopen their campuses. Because officials have dropped the order, foreign students, at least for now, will […]

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Rapid switch to online learning created cybersecurity risks

June 19, 2020

Via: Education Dive

There have been 867 publicly disclosed cyberattacks on schools since 2016, according to The K-12 Cybersecurity Resource Center. After an incident, it’s often difficult to determine whether there has been a data breach. Planning for cybersecurity insurance policies and regular […]

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Student internet access concerns rise as discounted hotspot programs end

May 7, 2020

Via: Education Dive

Ensuring all students can connect to the internet so learning can continue during pandemic-related school closures has been a challenge for many districts. Many have dedicated significant funding to doing so, with Los Angeles Unified School District, for example, approving […]

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How to effectively scale a digital learning model

January 31, 2018

Via: Education Dive

The ASU report also assessed the impact of a variety of online learning formats, and looked at the implementation factors that make programs work at scale. The report includes case studies that the Action Lab team determined are six exemplar institutions […]

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Personalized Learning Is a Problem of Privilege

January 22, 2018

Via: Ed Surge

Education is a dynamic space, with new trends constantly ebbing and flowing, the pendulum swinging back and forth between truly new innovations and recycled ideas. Experienced educators will recognize these patterns. But for younger teachers like me, whose careers are […]

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​Are We Recreating Segregated Education Online?

September 8, 2017

Via: Ed Surge

Online courses helped kick off a movement promising that your zipcode no longer had to determine the quality of education you received. People in rural Bhutan could take a computer science class from Harvard. Students at a community college could […]

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6 social assignments for online students

August 30, 2017

Via: eCampus News

Online students, like any other students, like to spend time procrastinating before they get to completing assignments given in class. Many teachers struggle to come up with tasks and projects that really engage and motivate students to skip procrastination and […]

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Promises and Pitfalls of Online Education

July 7, 2017

Via: Education Next

Online courses have expanded rapidly and have the potential to extend further the educational opportunities of many students, particularly those least well-served by traditional educational institutions. However, in their current design, online courses are difficult, especially for the students who […]

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How experiential learning helps students own their future

July 5, 2017

Via: Education Dive

Passion and purpose. One drives students’ ability and eagerness to learn. The other can keep them wavering in life to no end. As an educator and father, I’ve been quick to notice that my students and even my own children, […]

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The perils (and benefits) of social media peer pressure

May 31, 2017

Via: Kelly Redmond

Many of the parents and educators can picture in their mind some utopian times when the adults supervising children and teenagers (and taking care of their education) could claim to be familiar with the young ones’ friends, and by consequence […]

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Impact of postsecondary educators on student outcomes is underreported

May 10, 2017

Via: Education Dive

It is important to be able to measure how faculty can fare with non-traditional students and in non-traditional settings, though readers of this analysis should be cautious not to extrapolate UPX’s results to higher ed as a whole without taking […]

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Major shift in online learning sees pedagogy in driver’s seat

May 4, 2017

Via: eCampus News

There is a significant shift occurring in online learning—one that puts students and pedagogy into the driver’s seat, and colleges and universities seeking new ways to increase enrollment and revenue. One barrier for colleges to capture this revenue has been […]

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Distance learning enrollment ticks up, though for-profits see declines

May 3, 2017

Via: Education Dive

The 2015 drop in enrollment at for-profit distance learning universities could be due in large part to the trouble of big-name institutions like the University of Phoenix. The Federal Trade Commission announced it had opened an investigation into potentially unscrupulous marketing […]

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10 attributes of successful online students

May 1, 2017

Via: eCampus News

Recently, eCampus News posted an article about the latest online learning myths, one of which was “earning an online degree is easy.” Typically, only those online students who are self-motivated tend to succeed, but are there other more define-able characteristics that […]

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Interest in online learning programs rises in February

April 19, 2017

Via: Education Dive

The report’s conclusions about why inquiries into higher education have decreased could account for the drop in total, but the question remains as to why interest regarding online college courses increased despite the downward trend. Studies regarding student outcomes in […]

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How to Keep the Human Element in Online Classes

April 3, 2017

Via: Ed Surge

“Wow. I always thought my online instructors were computers.” An online student shared this comment with his instructor after receiving an email from her that included feedback on an assignment. This story, shared with me by the student’s instructor several […]