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Educational Stages, Secondary Education

California Educators Urge Common Ground in Civics Education

December 9, 2021

Via: Education Next

Self-governance is hard. The founders thought each generation would need to attach to democratic principles and practices for the republic to survive. Expanded K-12 education became the major vehicle for promulgating democratic sentiments and civic engagement. Unfortunately, civic education has […]


Ole Miss Doubles Down on Professor’s Termination

January 12, 2021

Via: Inside Higher Ed

The University of Mississippi is moving ahead with its termination of Garrett Felber, assistant professor of history, its provost said in a formal response to the American Historical Association. The group inquired about Felber’s controversial termination, which many of his […]

Education Strategies

The Learning Network: Lesson Plan | Analyzing Maps to Better Understand Global Current Events and History

January 14, 2016

Via: NY Times

Maps tell stories about natural and human geography and geopolitics, whether by displaying the shapes of landforms and locations of cities or by highlighting global fashion trends or the routes of explorers. But many students get overwhelmed by their own […]