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Embracing AI for limitless learning potential

July 31, 2023

Via: eSchool News

When ChatGPT was released in November 2022, many educators saw AI as a threat, assuming students were going to use AI to cheat. And they did. But in our haste to identify the pitfalls of generative AI, we have obscured […]

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Building the New Model for Teaching and Learning

June 21, 2023

Via: Inside Higher Ed

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman says he is committed to leveraging generative AI to support education. He often speaks about his concern for higher education and student debt. On March 20, 2022, sama tweeted, “I think US college education is nearer […]

Education Tech

The importance of teaching generative AI

May 18, 2023

Via: eSchool News

The era of the textbook isn’t dead, but it’s important to start looking forwards rather than backwards when addressing education for school children. Whether we like it or not, it is becoming increasingly clear that generative AI will play a […]

Education Tech

ChatGPT in Education: The Pros, Cons and Unknowns of Generative AI

March 30, 2023

Via: EdTech Magazine

Here’s a fun game: Say the word ChatGPT to a friend or colleague, then watch what happens. There’s a lot of drama swirling around this groundbreaking artificial intelligence chatbot, released in November by the startup OpenAI. A few months later, […]

Education Tech

AI Tools Like ChatGPT May Reshape Teaching Materials — And Possibly Substitute Teach

January 19, 2023

Via: Ed Surge

This summer, a coding class offered by a private school in Austin, Texas, was led by an unusual teacher. The PreK-8 school, Paragon Prep, offered a series of optional, self-paced, video lessons that were automatically generated from a textbook. In […]