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Gamification tools that increase student engagement

July 27, 2022

Via: eSchool News

Who out there doesn’t enjoy some form of game? Whether it be watching or playing a sport, a card game, a board game, or video games, most people would say they at least enjoy one. Games are part of many […]

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How I use PowerPoint to make learning more engaging

July 22, 2022

Via: eSchool News

In my role as a 5th grade teacher, I’ve come to believe that one of the best ways to integrate technology into the classroom is to start with the lesson itself. Lessons can be turned digital, and formatted in a […]

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ASU course encourages high schoolers to get their heads in the cloud

July 5, 2022

Via: eCampus News

It’s an early morning wake up call for Trinity Smith, lead teaching fellow and student studying business data analytics at Arizona State University (ASU). During the Spring 2022 semester, Smith started most mornings with 30 high school students who were […]

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What Will Online Learning Look Like in 10 Years? Zoom Has Some Ideas

September 15, 2021

Via: Ed Surge

Last March, Zoom, the ubiquitous online conferencing platform, became a staple of daily life for many students and educators as learning shifted online. Millions downloaded it—and first learned of it—back in early 2020, when lockdowns forced billions of students online, […]


Is It Ethical to Run Learning Experiments On Students Without Their Knowledge?

July 9, 2021

Via: Ed Surge

Imagine you’re an edtech company with thousands of students on your platform. You see an opportunity to make a small change that might improve their learning outcomes, so you roll it out to a group of students who don’t know […]

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Codecademy, an Early (and Now Profitable) Pioneer of Coding Education, Raises $40M in New Funding

February 23, 2021

Via: Ed Surge

Money has flowed into the edtech sector over the last twelve months. Bumper funding rounds and freshly minted unicorns are grabbing headlines, but there are questions about how long current investment appetite will last. Unlike other edtech startups seemingly on […]

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A Shockingly Simple Way to Improve Online School

January 27, 2021

Via: Ed Surge

When Nettie Johnson fired up her first online class for her fifth graders in Topeka, Kansas last March, she knew they were flying by the seat of their pants. She had her laptop and Wi-Fi “but it was really difficult […]

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How tech supports students’ emotional well-being during school shutdowns

September 10, 2020

Via: eSchool News

Schools around the world are in uncharted waters right now as they strive to balance shutdowns and social distancing regulations with the need for educational continuity as schools begin reopening. Most have turned to remote learning as a viable alternative […]

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3 ways educational data helped this district improve outcomes

August 13, 2020

Via: eSchool News

In the Wilson County School District, using educational data to inform our decisions has reinvented the way students learn, and it has given educators a newfound confidence in their teaching practices. In August, we were recognized by the state as […]

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New Jersey Gives Schools an All-Remote Option

August 12, 2020

Via: NY Times

Gov. Philip D. Murphy is giving New Jersey districts the option to offer all-virtual classes when school resumes next month, relaxing his original requirement that teachers provide some in-person classroom instruction. The policy shift comes as the state’s powerful teachers […]

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Summer Reading: Maintaining connectivity and cybersecurity in remote learning

July 21, 2020

Via: Education Dive

As the coronavirus pandemic shut schools down in spring and forced students and educators to adapt to an entirely new model of learning practically overnight, the issue of home connectivity stepped into the spotlight. Lack of home internet or device […]

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Most college students would return to campus if allowed, poll finds

July 16, 2020

Via: Education Dive

Colleges are still deciding whether to restart face-to-face classes this fall. More than half of some 1,200 institutions The Chronicle of Higher Education is tracking are planning for in-person instruction, but that share has slowly shrunk in the past few […]

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Amid coronavirus, educators learn to differentiate, add choice with tech

July 8, 2020

Via: Education Dive

Rachel Williams is not sure how her classroom will look this fall, but she knows one thing that will continue — her use of video. She started filming short clips as students transitioned to learning from home as a way […]

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Remote Learning Taught by World-Class Instructors

June 11, 2020

Via: eSchool News

Today Osmo, the company behind a new category of seamless, digital and hands-on play for ages 5-12 and used in over 35,000 U.S. elementary school classrooms, announced the launch of Osmo Live, a new interactive platform for live learning that […]


Educators succeed in removing police from Minneapolis schools

June 5, 2020

Via: AFT News

On June 2, the Minneapolis Board of Education passed a resolution that would end its business relationship with the Minneapolis Police Department. The action came the week after the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police […]

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Universities’ role in race to develop vaccine for the coronavirus

March 4, 2020

Via: Inside Higher Ed

Universities across the country are part of the urgent effort to research the virus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes, COVID-19, together colloquially called the coronavirus. Globally, the virus has infected over 90,000 people and resulted in over 3,000 deaths, […]

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FETC 2020: District shares tips, benefits for launching student-run IT help desk

January 15, 2020

Via: Education Dive

In a Tuesday afternoon session at the Future of Education Technology Conference, Brian Zimmer and Joe Montemaro, both directors of educational technology for New York’s Webster Central School District, shared how they supported a 1:1 initiative by placing students in […]


Celebrating Children’s Rights Is Important, but More Progress Is Needed

November 25, 2019

Via: The RAND Blog

November 20 marked World Children’s Day and the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), a historic commitment to the world’s children. Being the most widely ratified human rights treaty […]

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4 Mind Mapping Tools Students Can Use on Their Chromebooks

November 22, 2019

Via: Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Here is a list I curated over the last weekend. The list features some of the best web tools teachers can use to create mind maps on Chromebooks. I have only included the ones I think are too simple and […]

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How Google Apps For Education Can Be Used In Your Classroom

February 26, 2018

Via: TeachThought

Like Apple and Microsoft, Google also wants a place in your classroom. Google Apps for Education is a free suite of cloud-based tools created by Google to use in your classroom. You probably knew that part, and likely have a […]