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5 ways our district streamlines edtech ecosystems

January 26, 2023

Via: eSchool News

Student data privacy has been at the forefront of district leaders’ minds well before the pandemic. However, since COVID-19 shifted schools and classrooms online, it’s not surprising that tech usage has reached an all-time high. Districts are accessing 1,400 edtech […]

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Is digital citizenship the most important takeaway from distance learning?

May 3, 2021

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When the pandemic prompted schools to quickly shift to distance learning last spring, educators became responsible for using online technologies to teach students. This was the first time that many educators had to grapple not only with virtual classroom management, […]

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Digital tools prove critical for early learners during COVID

April 15, 2021

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For early learners, nothing beats in-class learning. Having a teacher in close proximity to assess the needs of their students is critical for growth. 2020 threw a wrench in that format, forcing students and teachers to communicate digitally. While the […]

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7 tips for home-based learning

December 28, 2020

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Imagine yourself sitting on a beautiful beach in the Philippines, enjoying a relaxing week off from school when your phone buzzes with messages. Your flight back to China has been cancelled. Your school is closed. You need to be ready […]

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Making a Plan for Student Engagement with Tech-Friendly Strategies

October 22, 2018

Via: Class Tech Tips

What does student engagement truly look like? And are we making it a priority when entering classrooms and leading lessons? As an educator who now spends time in other teachers’ classrooms, I think about this topic often. And as someone […]

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6 Digital Tools To Engage Students

May 23, 2017

Via: TeachThought

Are you looking for some new ways to keep students engaged through the end of the school year? Here are 6 tools that I have found to be quite helpful as this school year winds down. More importantly, these are […]

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4 Digital Tools That Help Students Practice Integrity

April 24, 2017

Via: MindShift

Students are expected to demonstrate integrity in the classroom, but how often are they given the chance to practice modeling it? Teachers have an enormous obligation to do what’s right, and as role models they’re given that opportunity each day. […]

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This digital tool helps engage K-5 students

March 20, 2017

Via: eSchool News

Hobsons, a college and career readiness, admissions, and student success company, is launching a digital tool designed to help students in grades K-5 explore the connection between their interests, learning, and life ambitions. The program is built to complement Hobsons’ […]

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What 7 Factors Should Educators Consider When Choosing Digital Tools for Underserved Students?

June 27, 2016

Via: Ed Surge

Seven. That’s the magic number. Why? In the report published last week by the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education, Professor Linda Darling-Hammond and I summarized research findings about the conditions and practices that support positive outcomes of technology […]

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What’s At Risk When Schools Focus Too Much on Student Data?

June 7, 2016

Via: MindShift

Have you ever seen a school data wall? In a struggling Newark, N.J., public school, I’ve seen bulletin boards showing the test scores of each grade compared with state averages. And in one in affluent Silicon Valley, I’ve seen smartboards […]