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How Coding Teaches Virtuous Skills Like Patience

March 4, 2022

Via: Ed Surge

When it comes to teaching students to code, and the skills and ideas they will learn, it can help to think of a painter’s palette. But in this metaphor, instead of thick daubs of oil paint, imagine a collection of […]

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To Truly Measure Student Growth, Learning Experiences Must Be Personalized

February 8, 2022

Via: Ed Surge

As schools become more focused on continuous improvement and the development of growth mindsets, educators continue to evaluate how they can assess their students’ learning to better inform instructional practices. This is foundational to both teachers and their administrators. Danielle […]

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Washington kindergarten center prioritizes play

February 12, 2020

Via: Education Dive

Play is important, with research continually finding play-based practices positively impact student learning and development. Child development expert Kathryn Hirsch-Pasek argues children learn best when they are actively engaged socially and mentally and can connect what they learn in a […]

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Pre-to-3: Seattle’s voter-approved pre-K program receiving national attention

December 13, 2019

Via: Education Dive

By next year, the state of Washington aims to see 90% of entering kindergartners considered ready for school and eliminate disparities in young children’s performance based on race and family income. The city of Seattle and Seattle Public Schools are […]

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Why K12 professional development is best offered in an LMS

September 23, 2019

Via: Education Dive

There is so much excitement around blended learning and how technology can enable a better learning experience for students. At the same time, there should also be a sufficient amount of K12 professional development to ensure that “no teacher gets […]

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How to best serve Latino students

August 2, 2018

Via: Education Dive

Studies show that the growing racial disparities in higher education occur amongst not only student populations, but faculty members and administration as well. This may have serious implications on the success of racial and ethnic minorities who may also be […]

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Online course development made easy?

July 5, 2018

Via: Education Dive

An expert in online learning recently suggested that colleges need to avoid the “shiny new object syndrome” when it comes to learning management systems. Sasha Thackaberry, assistant vice president for academic technology and new course models at Southern New Hampshire […]

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Teacher specializing in differentiated learning: These are “My Tech Essentials”

September 8, 2017

Via: eSchool News

At Long Elementary in Harlingen, TX, where I teach 4th grade, more than 72 percent of our students are considered economically disadvantaged, while nearly 10 percent are English language learners, and 11 percent are special ed. When you have this mix […]

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Personalized learning, teacher development key for special ed students

April 12, 2017

Via: Education Dive

In a recent interview with Education Dive, Beacon College President George Hagerty said students with learning disabilities require additional support, but the approaches to teaching and learning do not have to be drastically different than the approaches taken to educate […]

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The benefits of adding video to teacher evaluations

February 25, 2016

Via: eSchool News

One of the biggest challenges in K-12 education is finding an effective and productive way to evaluate teacher performance. In a world where technology is rapidly reshaping the classroom, it’s natural to look to its potential, especially considering that many […]

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New professional development focuses on engagement through gaming

January 25, 2016

Via: eSchool News

The ever-increasing omnipresence of digital media in student’s lives can be challenging for teachers as they compete for kid’s attention in and out of the classroom. With this in mind, Teach n’ Kids Learn (TKL) and DimensionU have teamed up […]