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How Security Maturity Assessments Can Protect Your University from Cybercriminals

October 12, 2022

Via: EdTech Magazine

Higher education institutions are in a vulnerable position when it comes to cybersecurity. In an alert issued by the FBI earlier this year, the nation’s top law enforcement agency warned that that agents have identified U.S. college and university credentials […]

Education Tech

How schools can take cybersecurity to the next level

October 26, 2021

Via: eSchool News

In early March, 15 schools in the United Kingdom reported they were made incapable of delivering online learning for students after a cyberattack forced the education trust to shut down all systems to investigate whether the cybercriminals accessed the central […]

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How devaluing students’ data can keep it safe from cyberattacks

September 28, 2021

Via: eCampus News

Cyberattacks on colleges and universities are on the rise following many institutions’ transition to online and hybrid classes. Higher education institutions’ databases are gold mines for cybercriminals because they store massive amounts of personally identifiable information (PII) like social security […]