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Students’ Career Interests Are Changing. Here Is Why Our Teaching Must Change, Too

March 28, 2022

Via: Ed Surge

Regularly I run into our students making Tik Tok videos in school stairwells. I often jump in, but that’s a different article for another day. I’ve come to learn that these videos are complicated, skillful endeavors that require multiple takes, and sometimes, over an hour to edit.

Influencer and digital strategist, Casie Stewart, notes that the act of posting, which seems simple in thought, actually requires camera work, graphic design, or copywriting to create the content itself. She also acknowledges that posting involves “a lot of gruntwork, like finding optimal hashtags (that aren’t too similar to your previous posts in order to keep the algorithm happy), tagging the appropriate accounts, playing with filters, adding a geotag (whether it’s sincere or satirical), and more.”

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