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Understanding the Limits of Education Technology and Risk Taking in Schools

January 9, 2018

Via: Ed Surge

Eva Moskowitz, the founder of New York City’s Success Academy, set the tone for this year’s NY Edtech conference by telling the crowd of 1,400 techies, entrepreneurs, researchers and educators that she may have some “unpopular perspectives” on edtech. Then, through her opening speech, she set out to put technology in its place.

“I think there is a tendency to see edtech as the savior of American education. I do not believe it is. I do not believe we get to extraordinary excellence or equality through edtech,” says Moskowitz, who spoke alongside school leaders from BASIS Charter Schools and East High EPO. “While that may be heresy, I believe education is a fundamentally human endeavor that involves motivating and inspiring students to develop a passion for learning. In that sense, edtech is not the answer.”

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