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Intelitek’s New SmartCIM 4.0 Brings a Real-World Methodology to Industry 4.0 Education

September 29, 2022


The emergence of new industrial technologies has caused such rapid changes in manufacturing that employers are in constant need of workers who are technically advanced, process savvy, and natural problem solvers. To help develop this workforce, Intelitek, a worldwide CTE leader, has released SmartCIM 4.0, a modular training environment featuring industrial working components for computer-integrated manufacturing education.

The SmartCIM 4.0 system is designed for advanced manufacturing programs in which students are learning to be operators, installers, and maintainers of industrial systems. Students gain firsthand knowledge of not only individual components of industrial training, but also of automation, networking and communications, systems integration, and the essential employability skills they will need in modern industry.

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