image credit: Pexels

Connectivity gap persists for at least 300K California students

As pandemic-induced school closures drag on, the digital divide continues to drive 16.9 million students into the homework gap. Additionally, 36% of those living in rural locations lack connectivity. Broken down by race, the homework gap impacts 34% of American Indians/Alaska Natives, 31% of Blacks, 31% of Latinos, 21% of Whites and 12% of Asian students.

Attention to the issue, however, has increased significantly. With most of the nation’s schools now connected to high-speed broadband, the nonprofit EducationSuperHighway has turned its attention to the homework gap through the organization DigitalBridge K-12. COVID-19 school closures also put the issue on lawmakers’ radars, with some now indicating they are willing to spend billions of dollars to bridge the gap.

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