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Why Community College Completion Is Often a Long and Winding Road

June 27, 2016

Via: MindShift

Anastasia Gnyp of Hendersonville, Tennessee, graduated from Merrol Hyde Magnet School a semester early in 2009 with big dreams. She had received a Hope Scholarship, which would help pay in-state tuition to the institution of her choice, and was planning […]

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7 States Make Up 80% of School Corporal Punishment in US

January 19, 2016

Via: Education News

A new study has shown that just seven states in the Southern US make up 80% of in-school corporal punishment for the entire United States. Data from the Department of Education’s Civil Rights Division was used by researcher Dick Startz, an […]

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5 K-12 trends to watch in 2016

December 31, 2015

Via: Education Dive

The year 2015 saw many small changes in education, and a momentous one, long-awaited by many: the departure of the federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. With just weeks left in the year, tjhe updated federal education bill, the Every Student Succeeds Act, […]

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Why Your Students Don’t Remember What You Teach

December 21, 2015

Via: TeachThought

A decent question: Why don’t your students remember what you’ve taught? A better question: Why don’t they understand what you’ve taught? A better question still: Why don’t students understand and use what they’ve been taught to create a better world? […]

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Under the spotlight, charter schools spur debate among experts in Illinois

November 13, 2015

Via: Education Dive

Education experts from both sides of the debate squared off at Northwestern University in Illinois this week: Policy manager at the Illinois Network of Charter Schools and the president of the Illinois Federation of Teachers. The public conversation “examined the […]