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Computer science claims slight victory in high schools

December 10, 2021

Via: eSchool News

For the first time, a slim majority of all U.S. high schools–51 percent–offer foundational computer science, up from 35 percent in 2018. The new statistics come from the 2021 State of Computer Science Education: Accelerating Action Through Advocacy, released by […]

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The push to put robotics in rural schools

July 5, 2019

Via: eSchool News

Rural schools in the United States face challenges many of their suburban counterparts couldn’t fathom. For example, access to challenging and engaging STEM courses such as robotics and coding is not as prevalent in rural schools as it is in […]

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New research centers to focus on rural schools, high school writing

February 7, 2019

Via: Education Dive

Many rural districts — and school leaders in rural areas — are finding that they can accomplish more by partnering with neighboring districts and participating in networks in which they share curriculum resources, professional development and other areas of expertise. […]