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Rising debt levels could hurt graduate programs’ ROI, report finds

December 22, 2022

Via: Higher Ed Dive

The analysis offers a glimpse at trends in the graduate degree market amid seismic changes in federal student loan policy. President Joe Biden is fighting in court to carry out broad federal student loan forgiveness, and his administration has separately […]


Analyzing the return on investment for online education

November 28, 2022

Via: Inside Higher Ed

Though higher education has historically been a reliable economic engine for individuals and the economy, college insiders have long failed to convey the industry’s value to students, parents, employers and policy makers who question the investment, Kathleen Ives and Deborah […]

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Skills-based learning is the key to improving ROI in education

September 6, 2022

Via: Higher Ed Dive

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken Americans’ already-waning confidence in the value of higher education. Two-thirds of students now say college is no longer worth the cost, according to a survey from think tank Third Way. A study released in May […]


3 ways to combat higher ed skepticism

August 5, 2022

Via: eCampus News

There are numerous ways to calculate the value of a college education. There’s the generational impact of education, which drives socioeconomic development for communities. There’s also the value of an educated citizenry, which can be trusted to make good decisions […]