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House Republicans want proof the Education Department supports academic freedom at colleges

October 4, 2022

Via: Higher Ed Dive

The Republicans’ missive to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona highlights criticisms conservatives frequently apply to colleges. Those include that college administrators suppress speech that doesn’t align with “political correctness” and that they indoctrinate students with liberal values. Faith in higher education […]


Democrats Have Lost Public Confidence on Education, but Republicans Haven’t Gained It

April 25, 2022

Via: Education Next

Going back a half century or more, Democrats have generally enjoyed a substantial lead on education. The party’s broad support for more education spending, outspoken embrace of public education, and close ties to teachers unions and the education establishment have […]

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Iowa Republicans unite behind $32M increase for K-12 schools

February 2, 2018

Via: Education Week

Iowa Republicans appear united in proposing about $32 million in new funding toward the state’s roughly $3.2 billion K-12 education budget. A GOP-controlled Senate education committee voted 9-6 Thursday for the 1 percent increase. Data shows per-pupil spending would go […]