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Study: Principal PD effort didn’t improve student, school outcomes

November 4, 2019

Via: Education Dive

In recent years, researchers and policymakers have emphasized the role of principals as instructional leaders as a key to improving student outcomes. Some districts have even created new administrative roles in schools to take some of the responsibility for operational […]

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Evaluation of online learning effectiveness growing in importance

July 20, 2018

Via: Education Dive

Higher education institutions, which often moved into the digital realm quickly, are now finding that they need to assess their offerings for their effectiveness. Cornell University, for instance, has web pages from its Center for Teaching Innovation not only about […]

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Schools Evaluate Threats, Questioning When to Shut Down

December 28, 2015

Via: NY Times

Mark Conrad, the superintendent of schools in Nashua, N.H., got the chilling news last Sunday morning. An email sent to a school board member threatened a lethal attack on multiple schools, naming the sites, how students would be harmed and […]